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Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. 2012 is the 101st year of its celebration. Given that Google has a Doodle for it, we have all probably registered it is some way today. If not, I’m glad to have brought it to your attention!

In the past I have marched in rallies and sang songs with other women. It has been a great way of feeling connected. I miss that today. This is a day that is an acknowledgement of all that needs to be done, but also a day of reinforcing the strength of women. I was delighted to see this e-card from Oxfam America. It seems a wonderful way to be part of something larger – a way to reconnect and remind ourselves of the journey.

Oxfam America free e-card

We have come far; we have a long way to go! I’d like to let Riley have the last word in today’s post. Out of the mouth of babes….