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Zemanta! Who knew? Not me.

I have been on WordPress for over a year now and it has been a process of learning.

The first stage was the enthusiasm of writing – the certainty that I can write everyday and it will all be meaningful. The naivety of it!

Then the realization that the writing is only part of the fun of blogging – the equally exciting part to me was the exploring. I enjoyed reading other interesting bloggers.  Yes, you can read even without being a blogger, but there is something else about being an insider, an understanding of what went before the publish. I believe, you comment and interact with a sense of fellowship.

Then came a period of despair – I was wondering what I had taken on and how I was going to keep it going. It bothered me tremendously when I dropped the ball on my daily post commitment. Added to this was the feeling that nobody read what I wrote.  The blogsistential angst that came with it! 

Then with the (probably) unknowing support of a few blogosphere friends, in the form of timely comments and likes, I became re-energized and decided that I wasn’t going to focus on the numbers. The lies I tell myself!

In the meanwhile I had also taken to playing around with the Theme and Appearance and enjoyed the different decor options. One week I was all into the dark background and contrasting colors, and the next I wanted nothing but modernist clean lines. WordPress allowed me to feel artistic and creative!

Now, I see myself as being on a sort of an even keel. Post when I can, and when I have something meaningful to share. Comment and engage with posts that I like. An evolved WordPress philosophy, so to speak.

And then, yesterday, I realized that there are whole new things in here that I am yet to discover. Zemanta was there under Users, Personal Settings, waiting to provide me with links and tags and I had no idea! As the assistant was ‘introduced’ before I joined WordPress, I ended up finding it purely by accident. It has been a thrilling discovery and I am eager to see how it’ll pan out.

Zemanta reminds me of why I always think of myself as a student, a learner – about blogging and social media, about people and life. There’s always something new out there; one more thing to be discovered.

If you didnt know about this assitant before, enjoy exploring! If you did, I wish you the joy of some other exciting discovery!