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I am fascinated with Pinterest and have been tracking how it becomes a part of the social media marketing arsenal. The Kotex campaign inspired by Pinterest is drawing attention as the first advertising campaign to pull this off. Here’s the video from Smoyz, the ad agency that came up with the campaign, of sending targeted goodie bags to 50 women based on their interests as revealed in Pinterest boards.

As a consumer, it bothers my sense of privacy that anyone would try to use all that I reveal for mere marketing. But there’s a part of us all that knows that this is how the world works today. Facebook has been selling information to let marketers place “interesting” information on my side bar and there has been indication that this kind of promotional material will be part of each of our news feeds. And how do they know what we find interesting – because we tell them this with each link, share, Like and Follow.

And this Pinterest-inspired Kotex campaign video is showing with distilled clarity how social media information can be useful for marketers. It is a video that demonstrates the essentials of marketing – know thy consumer, find a way to connect with the consumer, make them look at your product and encourage them to talk about your product.

The kind of profiling possible with the information we share on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest is so much more nuanced than what marketers can hope to get from just our age, gender, ethnicity and location. Here is a gold mine of data for defining the individual customer. This is the path forward of all marketing. The personal pitch, the customized advertisement. While each of us may not be getting a gift box home-delivered, we are all going to see more advertising that caters to our personal aesthetics and our private value systems. Fun times!

I have to confess that I get a cheap thrill from confounding all such marketing assumptions by refusing to click on many Facebook advertisements. You think you know me? Not!