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This post is directly linked to two of my recent posts. The one about Kony 2012 and the one about Enyclopedia Britannica. In both those posts, I had said something about how we have to think in terms of the bigger picture and acknowledge multiple perspectives. I believe that the Internet has made it so easy to find so much information that, we owe it to ourselves to not settle for one version of any storyline.

Then I found this TED Talks video by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie. She has made the point so eloquently, I had to share her The Danger of a Single Story.

TED Talks Chimamanda Adichie

As she indicates, we are all capable of falling into this trap and have to be ever-vigilant to educate ourselves about the world around us.  The world is rich in the stories it offers….I look forward to discovering them!