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I’ve been mulling over a post on blogging manners and such matter for a while now. And today I got to read this funny and incisive post on blog comment etiquette – Peg-o-leg says all that I want to and has done it better than I could have.:-) Enjoy!

Peg-o-Leg's Ramblings

When navigating the rocky shoals of comment etiquette, even the most grizzled WordPress veteran may find him or herself adrift.   Commenting rules are, by and large, unwritten.  This makes them no less real.  The unwary commenter risks breaking one of these rules and getting a bloggy smack upside the head so hard their kids will be born dizzy.

Fear not!  Miss Peg-o-Leg is here to guide you in the gentle art and exacting science of the effective comment.  Read these Frequently Asked Questions.   Memorize them.  Live by them.

  •  I really don’t know the blogger.  Wouldn’t it be too bold to comment?  Not at all!  If they didn’t want you to view their wares, they would have their setting on  “private”.

WordPress is like community theater.  Hard-working actors donate their blood, sweat and almost every evening after work, and for what?  They get paid diddly-squat.  All they want is a chance to…

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