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Comedy Central announced yesterday that Trevor Noah will be taking over as anchor of The Daily Show when Jon Stewart retires. Stewart announced that he’ll be stepping down in the near future, although no specific dates have been mentioned yet.

Photo courtesy SA People News

Photo courtesy SA People News

I was initially feeling a little perplexed by the idea of a relatively unknown comedian getting the job. The names I’d heard earlier, The Daily Show regular correspondents among them, seemed a more likely fit. Now having had the idea rattle around in my head for a bit, I like the fact that we’ll be getting Trevor Noah and his perspective from The Daily Show.

They say about fiction that there are only seven basic stories, just told in different ways. This sort of extends in broad ways to many creative exercises, including comedy or political satire. The core issues a culture and political process are strangely repetitive, even when the players change. I loved the caustic frame Jon Stewart held up to our lives; his acerbic, yet essentially hopeful, critique of American political culture was fantastic.

I’m excited to see how Trevor Noah will frame our world. His promises to be a wider lens. His background as a polyglot biracial South African holds the promise of multiple perspectives. What will he zoom in on and what will he see as a blur? It’ll be fun to see the way The Daily Show develops!

The cliche that we live in an increasingly border-less world is so true in pop culture reach and consumption. Noah’s can be an interesting perspective for outsiders looking in, and for insiders looking out. Here’s to comic windows!