Welcome to Stringing Words Together!  My name is Shoba and I am a freelance writer and editor based in the New York metropolitan area. I currently live in NY, after having spent time in enough places to decide that home is a state of mind as much as a place. The places I have lived in, and the people I have met,  have taught me an appreciation of variety. From culture and cuisine to weather and geography, the wonderful diversity of human experience is worthy of celebration.

While I started this blog originally to play around with WordPress and post some of my early social media and Web 2.0 learnings, it has since meandered and taken a different course, reflecting a different stage of my writing journey. While I don’t post regularly, I do update my reviews ever so often.

I’m always interested in hearing about possible writing and editing gigs. Please contact me, if you think I can be of assistance in your project.