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This is a weekly post I do and here is what I wrote the first time I started doing this:

I am in awe of the immense power of social media in terms of how any given individual, with access to a computer, can reach out to the world. It is an incredible marketing asset and we are yet but dipping our toes in the water of this mighty ocean. I am particularly interested in the way Facebook, Twitter, blogs and websites are going to help non-profit organizations and NGOs. Social media, with its person to person contact and the emphasis on a network of friends and family, is a match made-in-heaven for non-profits as a marketing tool. So, every week I spotlight one non-profit that is making marked strides in harnessing the potential of social media in their outreach efforts. My spotlight is intended as a show of appreciation for what an organization is doing in terms of using social media. I will add some minor suggestions as an end-user, in cases where I have any, and these are meant purely as friendly feedback and I hope they are taken as such.

Image courtesy University of Michigan

This week I would like to congratulate Gift of Life Michigan for the way they have embraced Web 2.0. I found them because of a reference to their .mobi site and was impressed with their initiative in engaging with mobile technology. This took me to their website and the powerful video on the Home page with the widget share made easy.

I was delighted to see the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube icons in their first page. They are thinking in terms of getting donors by reaching out through different channel and that is a step in the right direction. I was particularly interested in their use of YouTube because I feel that getting a way for potential donors to see the people behind the cause is a very effective advocacy measure. The video of a mother who lost her son under tragic circumstances and went on to donate his tissue is very moving. It was great to see the Facebook page with over 7000 followers and a Twitter account with over 1000 followers. Their website ranks fairly high for anyone looking for information about organ donation in Michigan. There is every indication that Gift of Life Michigan has an understanding of how social media can increase the reach of the organization.

Here are a few friendly suggestions to consider.

  • It seems like Twitter activity is inconsistent and that may be worth addressing. Retweets will reach more and more people as news sharing is one of the most recognized uses of this platform at this time.
  • I saw the power of the Stories of Hope section in the website. It will be great to get some more videos as that has a way of engaging different kinds of people.

It gives me great happiness to see another non-profit being proactive in the world of new media. Congratulations and here is wishing them a rewarding social media journey!